At Last We are Freed from Arial and Times New Roman

Just how sick are you of Arial and Times New Roman in websites? Don\’t you wish you could easily use new and interesting typefaces for your headings and even your body text? Now there is an easy way to do that and you don\’t need anything special.

The font you want to use is probably either OpenType Font or a TrueType Font. The problem up to now has been that Internet Explorer will only use Embedded OpenType. And to make it worse, other browsers use Scalable Vector Graphics fonts only. So what is a web designer to do?
The answer is as simple as going to this site: It explains the process in great detail.

Here, however, are the basics:
1. Go to the Font Squirrel Page to the @font-face Kit Generator.
2. Click the add a font button and browse to the font you want to use (I just copy a font from my font folder in the Control Panel to the desktop) and make sure you have checked the agreement box below.
3. Once your font has been uploaded, the field will turn green. Download your kit. It is a zipped file in which there is a demo.html file, the css file and the files you will need for the different browsers.
4. You can add the CSS to your present CSS file, you may want to change the src: to reflect the folder where you will actually upload the font.
5. Now all that remains to be done is to create a new class in your CSS. Here is a sample:

.newfont {
font-weight: 700;
font-style: normal;
font-family: \’Name-Of-New_Font\’, sans-serif;

Or you can put it in your body tag, h1 tag or any tag you like.

Easy Peasy.

Thank you, Johnathan Snook, Ethan Dunham of Font Squirrel and Paul Irish for making this so easy.

Writing New Content

Where to begin writing new content

“Writing new content? Are you kidding? I can’t write!” Is that you?

No one says you have to be Shakepeare or John Grisham. Your content can be simple and even point form, as long as it is real, sincere and of genuine benefit to your customers

What kinds of things can you write about?

  • Seasonal bargains
  • Specific holiday specials
  • Previous season sale items
  • Specialized services that your competitors do not provide
  • A unique skill that you have that others do not
  • How to take care of or effecively use a product
  • Alternate uses for your product
  • Upcoming sales of attachments, parts, services

Next steps after writing new content

Once you have decided on your approach, work with
Jackson on the Moon to optimize your content to reflect your new direction.

Good website optimization requires that your main keyword phrase appears in a number of places and that synonyms and elements of your keywords are also placed on your page.

But above all, your content must read naturally. Stuffing key words and keyword phrases into every paragraph will not only sound unnatural, but it will bore your sophisticated readers and you will lose them.

Website content optimization is a fine balance between science and art which can mostly be managed by good common sense.

After Website Optimization

Listen for customer feedback. Talk to your customers. What did they like about your site? What did they find problematic? Make sure there is a feedback form for those whom you do not meet personally. Give your customers what they want, and you will be rewarded with their business.

Making some extra money off your website

Monetizing your site. Sign up for Google AdSense.

The First thing you can do it begin effortlessly making some money on your website is to sign up for Google Adsense.

They will check out your site and give you an account where you can choose your ad size – width and height to fit any space. It provides you with the code to go along with that.

What this code does is put the ad space onto your page and match your content to other people\’s paid ads. So if you write about dog collars one day, you will get dog collar ads. If you write about dog training then that is what the ads will reflect. With Google Adsense, you have to have made $100 before they cut you a cheque.

When you are noodling around the internet, you probably have seen lots of sites with these ads down the side, never realizing how easy they are to install and that they are free.

You can put the code in the body of your blog on in a text widget in one of the sidebars. Or right into the code of your html site. It makes no difference.

This begs the question, \”What keywords will bring me the highest pay per click money?\” Well, Google helps you with that, too. Go the Google Keyword Tool. On the right side of the page, there is a button called \”Columns.\” Click it and select Estimated CPC. You can even sort the results that way. Know that this tool is for people who intend to pay for those clicks, not for us who are reaping the benefits. Notice also the amount of competition. It might be better to pick a lower cpc with lower competition.

Also, if you click on the magnifying glass next to the keyword term, you can see a geographical breakdown. All this information is just a hint for you, keywords is more like magic, not a science, although if you use common sense, you can make some money. Pet Supplies, for instance will get 3.80 per click. But how many people come to your site and will click Pet Supplies? If you are a popular blogger, perhaps more than you think. If you have a website aimed at local business, perhaps not so much.

Self Publishing. Sell Something.

If you are a good writer, you should gather all your best posts into one document, illustrate it will photographs and make it into a PDF suitable for downloading. Sell it for However much you want to sell it for. Email it to people after they have paid.

Get a Paypal account and a Paypal button. You can even self publish books on demand, you don\’t have to order 100, you can order 1 or 5 or 10. You can make it an eBook, for that matter or think about putting together a calendar for this Christmas and start advertising it in September

Become an Affiliate

You can become an affiliate and make even more money from other companies by promoting their products. Just make sure it is a company that sells something that you know about and feel comfortable selling. If your home based business is all about pets and pet treats, you may not want to be an affiliate for one of your competitors, but perhaps for related products such as pet clothes, dog beds, herbal dog remedies

You can become an affiliate of more than one company. Some people say that you should not do AdSense and Affiliate. Others swear by it. Try it out. See what works for you.

And lastly, before you sign up for any of these, be sure to Google for complaints against the company i.e. complaints. If there are lots, you might want to consider another company.

Oh, and if you are writing a popular blog, what is wrong with putting a text widget on the side saying, “If you like this site, please donate,” and pop in a Paypal Donate Button. And if only 20 people donate a year, who cares??? Better than nothing at all

So good luck, have fun and good fortune!

Change Permalinks Setting in Wordpress

As WordPress itself tells us, pages with names like \”\” are just plain ugly and do not help you in the least if someone is searching for information on your topic. After all, no one in their right mind is going to search for \”?p=N.\”

A simple but effective SEO fix is to change the format of permalinks or URLs so that they lose the default page ID and replace it with the title of your blog. You can do this through the WordPress dashboard, down near the bottom under settings, where it says permalinks.

Select “Custom.” and type %category% %postname% This will rename the page after the category you choose to put it under and the name of your post.

So now, instead of your post will read…sort of like that. You can read more details and other options on the WordPress site.

The choice I have outlined above assumes that you will be using categories for your blogs, which is an important thing to do for indexing. You can use categories or tags or both. Mostly I just use categories. If this is confusing to you, you can watch a video I made about blogging and the discussion of adding categories is at 8:36 of a ten minute video.