Writing New Content

Where to begin writing new content

“Writing new content? Are you kidding? I can’t write!” Is that you?

No one says you have to be Shakepeare or John Grisham. Your content can be simple and even point form, as long as it is real, sincere and of genuine benefit to your customers

What kinds of things can you write about?

  • Seasonal bargains
  • Specific holiday specials
  • Previous season sale items
  • Specialized services that your competitors do not provide
  • A unique skill that you have that others do not
  • How to take care of or effecively use a product
  • Alternate uses for your product
  • Upcoming sales of attachments, parts, services

Next steps after writing new content

Once you have decided on your approach, work with
Jackson on the Moon to optimize your content to reflect your new direction.

Good website optimization requires that your main keyword phrase appears in a number of places and that synonyms and elements of your keywords are also placed on your page.

But above all, your content must read naturally. Stuffing key words and keyword phrases into every paragraph will not only sound unnatural, but it will bore your sophisticated readers and you will lose them.

Website content optimization is a fine balance between science and art which can mostly be managed by good common sense.

After Website Optimization

Listen for customer feedback. Talk to your customers. What did they like about your site? What did they find problematic? Make sure there is a feedback form for those whom you do not meet personally. Give your customers what they want, and you will be rewarded with their business.