Change Permalinks Setting in WordPress

As WordPress itself tells us, pages with names like \”\” are just plain ugly and do not help you in the least if someone is searching for information on your topic. After all, no one in their right mind is going to search for \”?p=N.\”

A simple but effective SEO fix is to change the format of permalinks or URLs so that they lose the default page ID and replace it with the title of your blog. You can do this through the WordPress dashboard, down near the bottom under settings, where it says permalinks.

Select “Custom.” and type %category% %postname% This will rename the page after the category you choose to put it under and the name of your post.

So now, instead of your post will read…sort of like that. You can read more details and other options on the WordPress site.

The choice I have outlined above assumes that you will be using categories for your blogs, which is an important thing to do for indexing. You can use categories or tags or both. Mostly I just use categories. If this is confusing to you, you can watch a video I made about blogging and the discussion of adding categories is at 8:36 of a ten minute video.