Links to YouTube Video Tutorials

Some of the interfaces on these videos may be slightly different than what you see, since they were done using older versions of Atahualpa and WordPress. The content is still valid, however.

WordPress Blogging Basics 2010

Covers some basic blogging practices, adding photos, correcting spelling etc. this is using an older version of WordPress, but the basics are the same.

Adding and Editing pages in WordPress

Adding and editing pages in WordPress could not be simpler.


Adding an Image to Your Post or Page. Video Oct. 1, 2013

Easily add an image to your site. Upload from your computer or use what is already in your media library. If the image is a huge one, be sure to watch the next video about how to scale it down in WordPress.

Editing and Scaling Images in WordPress Video Oct. 9, 2013

How to make images bigger or smaller, add captions or scale the size.

Adding a Gallery to your WordPress Page

Adding a gallery is both fast and easy.

Adding to an existing Gallery Video April 24, 2015

A few simple steps, add to and resize if necessary


How to Upload and Add a Link to a PDF to your WordPress Blog or Page

Create a pdf, upload, name it correctly and link.

Adding a link in the text of your WordPress website or blog

Adding a link is simple in WordPress. Copy and paste.


How to add and edit categories for your WordPress Blog

Categories and Tags. What are they, how to add and use.

Comment Settings and Moderation for your WordPress Blog

Getting spam? Here is how to set up and moderate your comments

Embedding A YouTube Video into your pages

Simply copy the embed code and past into your post using the text field

Numbered and Bulleted Lists Created January 23, 2014

How to create numbered or bulletted lists for your blog.

Plug-in Tutorials

Continuous Announcement Scroller

How to Add, Delete, Edit and Modify this simple plugin October 17, 2014

My Calendar by Joe Dolson

You can have different calendars on every page, using categories. The Category \”Holiday\” cancels other events.

How to Add a Category to My Calendar

How To Add a single event to My Calendar

Adding Regularly Repeating Events

How to add the calendar to a page

Google Map Builder

How to build and edit a map to add to your post or page

Ajax Event Calendar

Adding and Deleting Events on the Ajax Event Calendar

Adding events is very simple. Repeated events, is simple, too, if you know the trick.