How to Block People from Your Facebook Group

Let’s say you are on a delightful group page interacting with delightful people who are interested in the same things you are. And suddenly, because it is an open group, a person joins who wants to go on forever about the benefits of fascism or why it is perfectly OK to eat shark fin soup.

This person is relentless to the point that you want to leave the group.

You do have things you can do.

#1. Go to a comment that person has made. Mouse over the X on the right. You will see a Hide selection. Click it.

#2 Now you have a choice to hide or unhide or Block “name of person”

#3 choose Block “name of person”

#4 Go to a post this person has done….over on the right, click the down arrow

Click Report/Mark as spam. Click that. Select the selection you want…. and Mrs. Fascist Shark Fin disappears for ever.