BCC rather than CC

It drives me insane when I get an email to see that I am included in a giant list of 50 people in the CC field. All everyone has to do is respond with reply all and that will create 2500 emails. Not to mention that 49 people, most of whom I do not know and may not want to know, now have my email address.

CC of course comes from the old typewriter days when you would send a carbon copy of your letter to someone. The CC would be under the name of the person signing the letter. BCC, or blind carbon copy only came along with the advent of email. BCC does the exact same thing as CC except your recipients cannot see eachother\’s names, nor can they reply all.

There are times when CC is appropriate, when you are sending out a message to members of a group who already have eachother\’s emails. However if you are sending a joke to everyone in your mail box, or a message to a widely diverse group of people who do not all have eachother\’s emails, it is common courtesy to use BCC.

Neglecting to do that can add to spam and invades the privacy of your recipients. If you are sending email as an employee of a business or organization, it may be critical to keep lists of clients, members, or associates confidential.

So let us all pay a little more attention when we copy our emails.