Personalize Your Google+ URL

Who is ever going to remember the 21 numbers after that identify your url? No one, that is who.

There is a way, however, that you can personalize your Google+ URL. It is simple, it is fast, and you had better hurry before your name gets taken!

First of all, Open your Google+ profile and copy the numbers right after You will see a string of 21 numbers, something like this:

Go to this page and follow the instructions for iPhone, Computer, Android App or mobile browser.

Why would you care about Google+? With Facebook becoming more and more invasive, many more people are moving to Google+, which gives you more control over who sees your content. Just Friends? OK. Just business associates? Ok. shortly you will be seeing branding pages on Google+ just like fan pages on Facebook.


2 comments to Personalize Your Google+ URL

  • Lindley

    Hi Sharon, we are on the same nxnw group. Question: is my gmail name my email address? Very helpful posts. Lindley

    • Sharon

      Thanks Lindley. NXNW is so much fun, I have “met” buckets of very nice people, and I hope it continues.

      You had pointed out an error…I should have said google plus name not gmail name.
      Can you be more specific? Not clear where my error lies.


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