Problems with Auto-Updates

Thank you, Wordfence for giving everyone one the heads up about a serious problem with WordPress Auto Update.

If I understand it correctly, if you have WordPress 4.9.3 and update to 4.9.4, it will work, but any future update will have to be done manually.

“WordPress has included the capability to auto-update since WP version […]

Wordpress 4.7.2 Critical Upgrade

Make sure your WordPress website is updated to 4.7.2, as WordPress websites with the earlier versions are being hacked and defaced by Peshmurga hackers. Institutional and community websites all over the world are normal one day, and appearing the next day with The Kurdistani flag and inflammatory text.

Read the full article here. But before […]

Monthly Website Maintenance and Update Service

Do you have a WordPress website? Are you too busy to check in fairly frequently to stay on top of your maintenance, updates and backups?

I will do that for you, for $150 a year. Rest easier knowing that:

You don’t have to take the time out of your busy life to stay on top […]