Wordpress 4.7.2 Critical Upgrade

Make sure your WordPress website is updated to 4.7.2, as WordPress websites with the earlier versions are being hacked and defaced by Peshmurga hackers. Institutional and community websites all over the world are normal one day, and appearing the next day with The Kurdistani flag and inflammatory text.

Read the full article here. But before […]

How Often Should You Blog?

In the beginning, a few times a month should suffice.

But you need to get exposure by getting your name on other, similar or related blogs. How do you do that?

1. Write guest posts

You write the excellent content, the other blog gives you exposure.

2. Invite people to interview you

Interviews are a […]

Facebook vs. Blogging

Too many people spend hours on their Facebook Pages and ignore their Blogs completely. This is a terrible mistake. Facebook is for quick updates and comments. Blogging is where you post thoughtful articles that are well thought out and that possess key word rich text that will help your customers or clients make the right […]

Personalize Your Google+ URL

There is a way, however, that you can personalize your Google+ URL. It is simple, it is fast, and you had better hurry before your name gets taken! […]

How Stupid Do Spammers Think We Are

Hi spammers. You must think we are pretty stupid. Over 500 of you have come to my site and left ridiculous comments so that you can get a backlink. I have deleted you all.

Why? Because instead of actually reading the blog and making an intelligent comment, you post something ridiculous like:

GREAT publish and […]

RSS Feeds. What are they and why do I need them?

RSS stands for several things, the simplest to remember being Really Simple Syndication. What it means is that people can sign up to get your blog sent either to their downloaded newsreader that they have installed on their computer, or they can be sent an email every time you blog.

This means that your […]

At Last We are Freed from Arial and Times New Roman

Just how sick are you of Arial and Times New Roman in websites? Don\’t you wish you could easily use new and interesting typefaces for your headings and even your body text? Now there is an easy way to do that and you don\’t need anything special.

The font you want to use is probably […]

Writing New Content

Where to begin writing new content

“Writing new content? Are you kidding? I can’t write!” Is that you?

No one says you have to be Shakepeare or John Grisham. Your content can be simple and even point form, as long as it is real, sincere and of genuine benefit to your customers

What kinds of […]

Making some extra money off your website

Monetizing your site. Sign up for Google AdSense.

The First thing you can do it begin effortlessly making some money on your website is to sign up for Google Adsense.

They will check out your site and give you an account where you can choose your ad size – width and height to fit any […]

Change Permalinks Setting in Wordpress

As WordPress itself tells us, pages with names like \”http://example.com/?p=N\” are just plain ugly and do not help you in the least if someone is searching for information on your topic. After all, no one in their right mind is going to search for \”?p=N.\”

A simple but effective SEO fix is to change the […]