Check those Social Media Profiles!

\"linkedin2\"I was snooping around my Linked In account the other day, seeing if I could connect to more people and endorse those I know. It occurred to me that I had not checked my profile for some time.

Imagine my horror when I discovered that my contact email was an address that I had not used for three years! What opportunities have I missed? What potential business have I lost? I will never know.

This has prompted me to review all my profiles on all my social media and on any accounts for any services for which I have signed up. I suggest you do the same.

Facebook vs. Blogging

Too many people spend hours on their Facebook Pages and ignore their Blogs completely. This is a terrible mistake. Facebook is for quick updates and comments. Blogging is where you post thoughtful articles that are well thought out and that possess key word rich text that will help your customers or clients make the right choices.

Here is a great infographic by Patricia Redsicker that spells it out better than I can!

Having said that, you can have the best of both worlds, by hooking your blog up to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so you only have to post once. And you can do the quick updates, too. But ignore your blog at your peril!

Wordpress Tutorials

Links to YouTube Video Tutorials

Some of the interfaces on these videos may be slightly different than what you see, since they were done using older versions of Atahualpa and WordPress. The content is still valid, however.

WordPress Blogging Basics 2010

Covers some basic blogging practices, adding photos, correcting spelling etc. this is using an older version of Atahualpa, but the basics are the same.

Adding and Editing pages in WordPress

Adding and editing pages in WordPress could not be simpler.


Adding an Image to Your Post or Page. Video Oct. 1, 2013

Easily add an image to your site. Upload from your computer or use what is already in your media library. If the image is a huge one, be sure to watch the next video about how to scale it down in WordPress.

Editing and Scaling Images in WordPress Video Oct. 9, 2013

How to make images bigger or smaller, add captions or scale the size.

Adding a Gallery to your WordPress Page

Adding a gallery is both fast and easy.

Adding to an existing Gallery Video April 24, 2015

A few simple steps, add to and resize if necessary


How to Upload and Add a Link to a PDF to your WordPress Blog or Page

Create a pdf, upload, name it correctly and link.

Adding a link in the text of your WordPress website or blog

Adding a link is simple in WordPress. Copy and paste.


How to add and edit categories for your WordPress Blog

Categories and Tags. What are they, how to add and use.

Comment Settings and Moderation for your WordPress Blog

Getting spam? Here is how to set up and moderate your comments

Embedding A YouTube Video into your pages

Simply copy the embed code and past into your post using the text field

Numbered and Bulleted Lists Created January 23, 2014

How to create numbered or bulletted lists for your blog.

Plug-in Tutorials

Continuous Announcement Scroller

How to Add, Delete, Edit and Modify this simple plugin October 17, 2014

My Calendar by Joe Dolson

You can have different calendars on every page, using categories. The Category \”Holiday\” cancels other events.

How to Add a Category to My Calendar

How To Add a single event to My Calendar

 Adding Regularly  Repeating Events

How to add the calendar to a page

Google Map Builder

How to build and edit a map to add to your post or page

Ajax Event Calendar

Adding and Deleting Events on the Ajax Event Calendar

Adding events is very simple. Repeated events, is simple, too, if you know the trick.


How to Block People from Your Facebook Group

Let’s say you are on a delightful group page interacting with delightful people who are interested in the same things you are. And suddenly, because it is an open group, a person joins who wants to go on forever about the benefits of fascism or why it is perfectly OK to eat shark fin soup.

This person is relentless to the point that you want to leave the group.

You do have things you can do.

#1. Go to a comment that person has made. Mouse over the X on the right. You will see a Hide selection. Click it.

#2 Now you have a choice to hide or unhide or Block “name of person”

#3 choose Block “name of person”

#4 Go to a post this person has done….over on the right, click the down arrow

Click Report/Mark as spam. Click that. Select the selection you want…. and Mrs. Fascist Shark Fin disappears for ever.

Personalize Your Google+ URL

Who is ever going to remember the 21 numbers after that identify your url? No one, that is who.

There is a way, however, that you can personalize your Google+ URL. It is simple, it is fast, and you had better hurry before your name gets taken!

First of all, Open your Google+ profile and copy the numbers right after You will see a string of 21 numbers, something like this:

Go to this page and follow the instructions for iPhone, Computer, Android App or mobile browser.

Why would you care about Google+? With Facebook becoming more and more invasive, many more people are moving to Google+, which gives you more control over who sees your content. Just Friends? OK. Just business associates? Ok. shortly you will be seeing branding pages on Google+ just like fan pages on Facebook.


How Stupid Do Spammers Think We Are

Hi spammers. You must think we are pretty stupid. Over 500 of you have come to my site and left ridiculous comments so that you can get a backlink. I have deleted you all.

Why? Because instead of actually reading the blog and making an intelligent comment, you post something ridiculous like:

  • GREAT publish and impressive in turn …will bear a try all the tips..Thanks…
  • This is precisely the important information I’d been searching for. Incredible blog. Very inspirational! Your posts are so good and also detailed.
  • I won’t be able to thank you fully for the articles on your web-site. I know you’d put a lot of time and energy into all of them and hope you know how much I appreciate it.

First of all, your grasp of the English language is crap. Second of all, WordPress backlinks are automatically \”no follow\” so you will get no benefit at all from your moronic comments.

Why don\’t you try something new and exciting like actually READING the blog and engage in the conversation?

I hope it is not too much to ask.

BCC rather than CC

It drives me insane when I get an email to see that I am included in a giant list of 50 people in the CC field. All everyone has to do is respond with reply all and that will create 2500 emails. Not to mention that 49 people, most of whom I do not know and may not want to know, now have my email address.

CC of course comes from the old typewriter days when you would send a carbon copy of your letter to someone. The CC would be under the name of the person signing the letter. BCC, or blind carbon copy only came along with the advent of email. BCC does the exact same thing as CC except your recipients cannot see eachother\’s names, nor can they reply all.

There are times when CC is appropriate, when you are sending out a message to members of a group who already have eachother\’s emails. However if you are sending a joke to everyone in your mail box, or a message to a widely diverse group of people who do not all have eachother\’s emails, it is common courtesy to use BCC.

Neglecting to do that can add to spam and invades the privacy of your recipients. If you are sending email as an employee of a business or organization, it may be critical to keep lists of clients, members, or associates confidential.

So let us all pay a little more attention when we copy our emails.

Why you should be posting videos to Youtube

More and more people are using YouTube as a search engine. Here is a list of the the most searched for items in 2009:

Most Watched YouTube videos:
1. Susan Boyle – Britain’s Got Talent (168+ million views)
2. David After Dentist (37+ million views)
3. JK Wedding Entrance Dance (33+ million views)
4. New Moon Movie Trailer (31+ million views)
5. Gangnam Style (61+ million views)

Most Watched music videos on YouTube (Global)*:
1. Pitbull “I Know You Want Me” (82+ million views)
2. Miley Cyrus “The Climb” (64+ million views)
3. Miley Cyrus “Party in the U.S.A.” (54+ million views)
4. The Lonely Island “I’m On a Boat” (48+ million views)
5. Keri Hilson “Knock You Down” (35+ million views)

Don’t kid yourself by thinking that all people are looking for is mindless entertainment and wedding dances. Although it is true that arts and entertainment take up 86% of searches, Youtube is a vastly unused resource for every kind of search.

Let’s pretend you sell tomatoes. If you search “gardening,” you might get 166,000 results. If you search, “planting tomatoes from seeds,” you might get just over 1,260 results. But “How to Grow Organic Tomatoes” only gets 539 results. So! If you grow organic tomatoes, get a video on Youtube IMMEDIATELY. It is claimed that Youtube will surpass Google (by some) as a search engine in the near future, since many people prefer to to be shown rather than to read instructions.

Type in “How to” in Youtube search and almost 8½ million results show up….what does this tell us? that there are A LOT of people looking for instructions on how to do lots of things. Type in “make” and there are another 6 million searches.

Fix a car, change a tire, plant parsnips, can tomatoes, make angel food cake, make peanut butter cookies…you name it, people want to know it.

When you upload your video, there is a place for you to add tags, just like any blog or web page, so that you can optimize your video the same as you would optimize anything else.

Your video does not have to be professional, but it CANNOT be bad. Borrow a tripod. Plan what you are going to say, practice a few times. Be sincere. Be friendly. And most of all, be helpful.

Doing the Opposite of What I am Told

We are told NOT to make our web site banners big. This is ‘expensive real estate.’

Anything over 200-250 px is a waste of time and space. Or so they say. I say it depends on the kind of site you are building. Are you building a reputation from building beautiful web sites with simple, logical navigation and useful information? Then you don\’t need to pay attention to what ‘the experts’ say.

If your customer is a musician, or painter, or someone who designs and builds specialty furniture with rare and unusual woods, then featuring a rotating banner that is 400px or more deep may be the way to go. We have 800 px in which to tell people where they are, and convince them to stay. But, if you do use up 450 px on your banner, you must give some careful thought to your first few lines of text, and ‘Welcome to my site, please feel free to look around,’ does not cut it.

What you do have to give some serious thought to is the navigation and structure. The bigger your site, the more critical it is. No one wants to go for a walk in the woods and get lost. If a visitor is three or four pages deep into your site, cannot see where they have been, or forgets how they got there, has to manually scroll forever to get to the top of the page and then does not see a home button, chances are they are gone in a heartbeat.

Big, Bold H1 and H2 tags? A thing of the past. Why YELL AT YOUR CUSTOMERS? Let them know that this is a heading by changing the color and bolding the text somewhat, but hot red 24px headings at a weight of 900 are boring and unnecessary.

Conventions are there for a reason. They exist because people are used to things working a certain way. Links. Hover colors. Site maps. Do not sneer at the conventions, but at the same time, do not be afraid to improve upon them.

RSS Feeds. What are they and why do I need them?


RSS stands for several things, the simplest to remember being Really Simple Syndication. What it means is that people can sign up to get your blog sent either to their downloaded newsreader that they have installed on their computer, or they can be sent an email every time you blog.

This means that your fan, Sally Smith, will not have to go daily to the 15 blog sites that she likes to check to see if there are new blogs. It means that the information comes to her. Meaning she is far more likely to read it.

Also, if you have a blog or a web site and somewhere in there, you want to link to someone else’s blog because you think your customers will appreciate it, there is a pretty simple way to do that, too.

Let’s start with the easy one. Let’s say you want to link to a blog about iPhones. First of all, in WordPress, go to Appearance/Widgets. Decide where you want to put your RSS link to that site. Select the RSS widget and drag it into the sidebar you have chosen. Open it up. The first thing it wants is the address of the IPhones Blog feed. Go to (I am using this as an example, not as a referral) and look on the page to where you see the round-cornered orange “chicklet” with the sound waves on it.

Right click on it, and “copy image location.” That is the address that WordPress wants. Go back to WordPress. Ctrl/V or edit/paste into the RSS Widget address field. Next, give it a name. iPhone News or what ever you want. Select how many items you would like it to display, and that number of titles will appear in the widget when you view your page. You can also add the date if you like. That is it. Save and Close

The more complicated one is made pretty easy by our friend John Hoff. The next question you might ask is why do I want to use the Feedburner RSS and not the default WordPress RSS? It seems like a lot of trouble. What about the Feedsmith Plug-in? The reason is that at some point, your theme version will get old. Your plug-ins will get old and you never know if there will eventually be a security hole where a hacker can take control of your blog. Plug-ins also slow down your load time.
Here is a post How to set up a Feedburner Feed in which it explains the whole process in simple detail.

He even gives you the code (in number two on the page, which varies a little from what he tells you to use in the third video) to redirect the WordPress feed from its default to Feedburner. It is a step by step process he takes you through. Take simple notes, go back to the videos if you have to.

And then just do it. I often find these technical processes very complex and frustrating but it is worth it to make your blog more accessible.

With an hour of focus, I was able to add Subscribe buttons and links to my website and later to the websites of a number of my clients. And they work!!